7 Essential Event App Strategy Elements for Event Planners in New York

April 28, 2018 Susan Serena

When Event Planners in New York are looking for event apps for enterprise meetings and events, not all mobile app platforms are created equally.


There is a core set of capabilities that must be present in order to satisfy the complex needs of large companies and associations running multiple events a year. They include:


Managing multiple events can spread Event Planners in New York and their team thin, even more so if you have to revisit app development every time. With a multi-event platform, there is no limit to the number of event apps you can create and control. In fact, you can even share the platform with others across your organization, equipping them to create and manage apps whenever they need.


With your multi-event master app installed on all your participants’ devices, you can roll out individual meeting or event apps in minutes. And you won’t have to wait for app store approval.


From big trade shows to small department meetings, every event is different. How do you wrap your head around that if you want each one to have an app but you would never even consider going out to market every time? Your multi-event platform enables you to equip each app with the branding, content, functionality and security you need to address each event’s unique requirements.


For Event Planners in New York to go paperless not only helps them reduce costs, it also helps their organization reduce its environmental impact. Now that’s a win-win, and something both you and your attendees would be proud of.


For Event Planners in New York to defend their brand is of the utmost importance, but when different departments within their organization work independently with different vendors, this creates extra work and extra risk. Your multievent master app is a consistent extension of your brand, helping you maintain visibility in the digital workspace, while ensuring that all your meetings and events conform to your brand standards. And you retain the flexibility you need to ensure each individual event app can adopt its own style within the established parameters of your brand.


With a multi-event platform in place, Event Planners in New York will save thousands of dollars on printing, and they’ll save thousands of dollars on app development by not having to start from scratch with each new event. This strategic approach will help you conform to your organization’s procurement policy and strategic meetings management process (SMMP). The more meetings and events you consider, the better the economies of scale you’ll earn.


Your multi-event platform lets you control who can see and download individual event apps, ensuring that only invited participants have access. If need be, you can enforce specific login requirements and control access to functions within each app for added security. Of course, you can also create ‘public’ apps that anyone with your master app can access.


A multi-event app platform makes sense for Event Planners in New York - but participants and staff will jump on the bandwagon too. Multi-event apps are a crucial part of an event strategy that keeps each meeting and conference well organized and always on-topic.

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