5 Backdrop Ideas for Event Planners in New York to Engage Audiences

April 27, 2018 Susan Serena

Event Planners in New York have discovered over time that attendees can easily become uninterested in an event. Even when the marketing leading up to the event was comprised of the best content imaginable. To remedy their boredom, you’ll want to kick your stage set up a notch or two to make it more engaging. The last thing you want is for the audience’s ADD to kick in and have their minds wander off into no man’s land.

You’ll also want to make sure that your pictures and video promos look the bees knees when media related to the performers and speakers are shared out on social media platforms.

Event Planners in New York have started to use backdrops that keep the audience’s attention focused because of the visual stimulation they offer. Backdrops offer an exceptional opportunity to improve your staging and make it come alive without overpowering what is happening on stage. You can easily tie the backdrop in with event’s theme and colors for an even bigger impact.

From stage to digital dressing, here are 5 of the best backdrops ideas for Event Planners in New York to direct the audience’s focus to the stage.

How Event Planners in New York Engage Their Audience with Backdrops


1.Lit Boxes

This elaborate backdrop can create an exceptional and adaptive effect that will change with the music or the tone of the event. These boxes produces a candlelight glow that is softer, sets the mood and compliments the blue up-lighting used. The various patterns on this backdrop also show through, which makes it more exceptional and provides more details for the audience to gaze at.


2.Enchanted Garden

As part of this event held by the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners (AACWP) the staging and backdrop imitated an enchanted garden. With box hedges placed at the front of the stage and the grass wall installation towards the back, it produced a depth like participants have just walked into a garden of their own. These giant fabricated flowers add elements of color into the backdrop while the custom signage is front and center!


3.Signage Fabrics

If you want to keep it simple and get your message or cause out there, this is a cool idea for fundraising or charity events. The custom fabric sheet is clean cut and offers excellent branding opportunities for this charity concert. It can also deliver an easy way to tie in the sponsors for this fundraising event which, when the lights were on for the concert, were in plain view at the top of the fabric.


4.Dramatic Cut-Outs

This Versace runway backdrop is powerful and adaptable for different stages of the show. In this example, the red lighting on the cut-out backdrop create silhouettes while the models work the runway but can later be changed as different themes or pieces are highlighted. Aside from creating cool photo opportunities like this, looming runway backdrops can be used as part of the performance. Later on, models looked through various cut-out pieces for a final performance and theatrical impact.


5.Informal Lanterns

If you’re trying to give off an air of comfort and informality to put the audience (and presenters) at ease, something like this could be a good idea. This concertina partition converts this minor staging space and blocks off the corner of the venue to create a cozy and decorative backdrop. Combined with the lantern props providing a warm glow, this would be an excellent small conference or meeting idea with the facilitator or speaker sitting comfortably instead of standing.


Backdrops can change event staging and ambiance for Event Planners in New York. Utilizing the space no one ever thinks about is a great way to keep attendees interested and maintain their focus. If the venue doesn’t have a permanent stage, you can modify an area for temporary staging that will mesh well and looks deliberate. Just remember, backdrops can also deliver an excellent platform for signage and branding opportunities. This is a great add-on for sponsors so do your best to capitalize on this and use the idea to its full potential.

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