Are Event Planners in New York Keeping Pace with The Space?

April 23, 2018 Susan Serena

This post will cover the top practices surrounding event venues for Event planners in New York. The event industry is evolving quickly so keeping up with the space pace is contributory to your event’s success.

As Event Planners in New York accelerate their planning efforts, events space is on the top of their rapidly changing list. In fact, it can be expected that there will be some huge changes in attendee expectations when it comes to the venues where you’ll host their events. With a 3.7% growth in hotels and 3.5% increase in air fares anticipated for year ahead, event planners in New York will need to do more than ever to convince attendees that their events are worth the bill.

Let’s go over a few event venue trends that should be kept in mind together with other trends shaping the industry this year.

Unique Venues Are the Hero of the Year

If there’s a saying for event planners in New York this year, it’s probably “think outside the hotel” or “so long stadium.” Demand for nontraditional meetings and events spaces has already gone up by almost 4% in 2017 and is expected to increase by another 3.8% in 2018 (AMEX Global Meeting Forecast).


Exclusive venues leave a long-lasting impression on clients and make for events that are equally memorable. No one remembers “that one time” they were stuck sitting in a hotel ballroom for 8 hours, but they will remember the time their company took over a local brewery or had a pop-up event in a hip public space. It’s a quintessential ingredient for making your event more than just another conference or meeting.

Event Planners in New York Can Use Tools to Source the Venue

Mostly all commercial spaces have the potential to be the next venue for your event with the proper approach to searching and networking. If Event Planners in New York don’t know where to start, turn to a database that helps venues and event planners connect. Directories like these let you explore the different attributes that set a given venue apart as well as view pictures, videos, and comments from fellow event professionals.


Line Up the Space with A Client’s Exclusive Brand and Culture

Increase your search criteria to be sure you’re including properties whose brands are consistent with a client’s. If you’re planning for a prestigious law group, you’ll want an equally prestigious and storied venue. If you’re planning for a modern tech startup, you might want to lean toward spaces such as craft breweries or even consider planning a pop-up event in a local community space. (You shouldn’t sleep on pop-up events!) The closer you align the venue with the vision and event brand, the more unforgettable the experience will be. 


These event venue trends for Event Planners in New York are just some of the curveballs you can expect when selecting a venue for meetings and events. As technology stays pushing limits and the industry progressively changes, the best practices regarding event venues will follow suit. Remember that attending The Event Planner Expo in New York will keep you updated on other parts of the event world that are refining to enhance the attendee’s and planner’s experience.

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