Attendees to Fear and Love in the Event Planning Business

July 18, 2016 Susan Serena

There’s no question that attendees are significant at conferences and expos in the Event Planning Business. In fact, they should be on every exhibitor’s mind throughout the entire process. Each decision you make as a speaker or exhibitor should include a strategic plan for the participants. Remember, without the attendees…there would be no show!

Ideally, the day of The Event Planner Expo, you’ll want to know the guests already and perhaps by now you’ve exchanged some form of communication. This way they know you as well as you know them, and you’ll be looking for each other at the expo. Here are some of the most common personalities you’ll come across at The Event Planner Expo in NYC!


1. The Event Planning Business Extrovert

This character comes well equipped with every gadget known to mankind and is ultra-talkative. They are super organized and have the ability to scan the entire area while looking at you directly so make sure your booth and pitch are on point because they will notice immediately. This professional takes more mental notes than written and will decide if they will ever do business with you before they walk away from your conversation. They will also make sure to come by your booth more than once to see if they missed anything during their initial interaction with you so keep that in mind and stay consistent because you never know when they’ll pop back in to catch you slipping. Don’t break a sweat and continue to address them confidently and they will be so impressed, that they will put you first on their follow-up list for Monday morning.


2. The Event Planning Business Introvert

Be afraid. Very afraid. This nearly silent assassin is the type that grabs something to drink and strolls the area waiting for everyone to clear before they go in for the kill! This is the kind of person who already knows the answer to what they’re going to ask you, but want to ask anyway to test you. They’ve already studied you and your competitors but want to check on your delivery to make a decision on whether or not you are worthy of being on their radar. They’re casual in their demeanor so don’t underestimate them based on their easy-going manner because this pro is successful because of their calculating ways.


3. The Event Planning Business Wannabe

So easy to identify because they are loud and all over the place! This is the kind of individual that has 50k plus followers on social media and attends every industry event. They engage with every single thing you post online and is an expert at virtual communication because their mission in life is to become someone of importance in the business. At the expo, they will work their magic to network with everyone who is a VIP and hog all of the attention wherever they can. While it’s easy to get annoyed at this type, remember that it just takes one bad review online to kill your revenue so keep them entertained and in your corner so that they can use that social media muscle in your favor. Let them talk about you, post about you, and tag you on posts related to The Event Planner Expo so that it helps drive traffic and leads your way.

Each attendee can help or hurt your business which is something you should be aware of at every moment of the day. You never know the visitor’s intent when they approach you so treat each interaction as a potential business opportunity as a rule of thumb. Be sure to register on time to secure your place at the 2016 Event Planner Expo in New York City.


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