Why the Top Event Management Companies in NYC Attend The Event Planner Expo

July 10, 2016 Susan Serena


The 21st century has changed the very nature of doing anything face to face, and when it comes to business events, there has been a dramatic transformation despite the fact that it is instrumental to connect and network with other event industry professionals. Bringing together the top event management companies drives innovation and sales growth which is why attending The Event Planner expo is imperative to your success as an event professional. The expo is designed to connect you with vendors and industry experts that will help you stay on top and to keep you up to date with all of the new forms of event technology to ensure a premium stream of capital.

If you’re an old-schooler who still relies on old-fashioned techniques to connect with attendees, then you may be providing a disservice to your business without even knowing it. Here are some of the ways that top event management companies in NYC enhance their experience at The Event Planner Expo:

The High Demand

Always keep at the forefront the reason why attendees come to the expo each year. Staying updated with industry trends and seeing all of the new technology available to event planners is what helps build them as event professionals, so they’re always looking for “what’s new.” Another reason they attend is to create stronger connections with existing and future vendors. In all reality, the majority of repeat attendees are decision makers and buyers so make sure you’re standing out to them as you exhibit your products or services. Moreover, with countless demands of their attention at this face-to-face event, they’ll want to check off items from their expo to-do list early so make sure you have a plan ready on how to attract attention and connect with the audience from the start of the event.

How Exhibitors Increase Their ROI

The Event Planner Expo is organized in a range of segments that are designed to drive traffic to the exhibitor’s booths in order to help top event management companies in NYC connect with suppliers and industry experts that will help increase their revenue each year. Using technology to speed up the process of matchmaking is the best way to guarantee that exhibitors will be easily spotted by the attendees. Exhibitors will have the ability to collect qualified leads from the list of registered attendees who have decision-making power. Once the participant is engaged, it is up to the exhibitor to connect with them and invite them to exciting activities at their booths.

First-Hand Advice from the Experts

Speakers come to The Event Planning Expo with the specific goal of providing information that is of maximum value to event planning professionals. There is a wealth of event management knowledge that a seasoned professional can offer to up and coming event planners in NYC. We chose speakers from the top event management companies in NYC to share their expertise in hopes to help you build your skills and increase your bottom line. Our speakers can offer you invaluable data that could only be learned by years of working in the industry so what you’ll take away from a seminar at the expo can only encourage you and help you grow.


If you’re looking for more ways to connect with event industry professionals in NYC or looking to build your networking power, be sure to secure your spot today! This is the one event where you’ll have the ability to get face time with the decision makers.

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