Bridal Guru Colin Cowie

June 8, 2017 Susan Serena

They don’t call celebrity event planner Colin Cowie the “Bridal Guru” for nothing! From planning a JLo wedding (one of a few), and the wedding of the lovable Alyssa Milano, he definitely knows how to bring the umph on each aspect of your big day. Besides planning big name weddings, Colin has shared his expertise with the world. He has inspired NYC wedding planners with his illuminating ideas and budget-friendly tactics. His vision for weddings has helped guide wedding planners all over the country because of his unique planning strategies that will not only help you design an unforgettable event, but will also benefit your career in event planning.

Colin Cowie’s party ideas have been recognized by some of the most influential individuals, up to and including the likes of everyone’s favorite advice expert, Oprah. As a guest on an episode of Oprah’s show, Colin shared some of his impressing table designs. He spoke about some of the most fashionable floral accents for centerpieces and how to create inexpensive settings for an event. 

Here are a couple of Cowie's infamous table setting ideas:

Mirror Wedding Table Setting

 This mirror-themed wedding table is made up of sugar and spice and everything nice. In this design, Colin created a majestic ambiance by using royal shades of blue. The floral centerpieces were neutral because of his use of white flowers and green topiary. He added a touch of class by using tall candelabras, but the feature with the most effect was the glass tableware that gave off a luxurious look to the entire setting.

Holiday Party Table Setting

Talk about t’is the season! Here, Colin created a golden holiday setting and incorporated icicles to really give you a holiday feel! The gold accent chairs topped the look off and played off of the themed tableware. The candles are always a nice touch and here they served to illuminate the crystal pieces shaped as icicles. The fact that the room itself matched the table décor was also an added bonus. This is a great table setting idea for a corporate holiday party.

There is no double that when it comes to holiday settings, Colin Cowie is the style expert. If you’re all out of fresh ideas, reading some of his tips and tricks for table settings during the holiday season can help unclog your designer’s block. This year, he will be returning to The Event Planner Expo in New York City as one of the keynote speakers where he will talk about his extraordinary event ideas. If epic party goers such as Ryan Seacrest, Kim Kardashian, Lil Wayne, and Demi Moore trust this party planning guru…it would be wise to take not one but a few pages from his book. In fact, take the whole enchilada!

How you shape your reputation as a NYC wedding planner is dependent on your thread of style. Colin Cowie has made his mark with his event planning style and will go down in history as one of the most influential event planners in the country.

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