Corporate Event Planners in New York are in Love with LOOPD!

June 13, 2017 Susan Serena


For events to be taken seriously and get the admiration they deserve, corporate event planners in New York, as well as marketers, need to be capable of proving the ROI and power the event will offer. The most sure-proof way of doing that is by taking a more data-driven and scientific approach.

Up to date, gathering information from multiple sources has proven to be quite time consuming and frustrating to event professionals. Then came innovative event solutions like smart badges. LOOPD was one of the first companies to offer an integrated resolution which made crunching numbers and running analysis reports instantaneously a reality. You can easily pull information from the wearable smart badges with ease via the mobile app. You’ll also have access to the registration data which produces insights on behavior and engagement right from the analytics dashboard.


LOOPD began as a networking app, but then attendees didn’t want to use two apps and the developers were forced to go back to the drawing board. They then established a new platform that offered a fully-fledged event app, with gamification features. The creators still wished that the technology was more engaging and that it would be an improved way for contributors to connect. That’s when they developed a device that attendees can wear in the form of a badge. What a way to complement the app! Recently, LOOPD was attained by the etouches event management platform which helped it become the mainstream app for corporate event planners in New York.

Here are some of the reasons why corporate event planners in New York are loving this app…

LOOPD Features


  • A wearable device that captures real-world activity
  • Measure and record activity, interactions, actions and behaviors
  • Exchange contact information
  • Automatically monitor session attendance
  • Identify event influencers with contextual information
  • Generate heat maps with event traffic flow
  • Allow attendees to collect marketing material
  • Provide attendees with their complete event journey
  • Dashboard of insights


  • Enterprise-grade mobile event app
  • Customize the look and feel to align with brand identity
  • 40+ available app features (session information, maps and more)
  • Keep attendees informed at all times
  • Networking and nearby attendee discovery
  • In-app messaging and meeting requests
  • Lead capture for exhibitors
  • Push Messages for updates, news and reminders
  • Personal Agenda
  • Favorites allow attendees to store content for future reference: brochures, attendee details, exhibitor info and more
  • Self-service and full-service packages available
  • Increase attendee post-event activity and set up targeted campaigns

Engagement and Analytics

  • Define event goals
  • Monitor performance through the rich data being captured with the app and badge
  • Obtain mission-critical event metrics
  • Take immediate action to correct and get back on track
  • Monitor the flow of your attendees around the venue
  • Identify the most popular exhibitors, partners and sessions
  • Determine how long attendees stayed at your event
  • Understand how many connections your attendees made
  • Measure event impact and value

Benefits of the LOOPD Event App

LOOPD will sync automatically with the events you are planning right from the etouches platform. The first step in collecting data with a purpose is recognizing clear goals for your event. These can be created from scratch or copied from a previous event. These categories may relate to the total number of registrations, connections made, session attendance, the generated sponsorship revenue and the number of captured leads by exhibitors. Essentially any metrics that are significant to the success of your event. The measures you set will determine the triumph or failure of your hard work against these objectives. This will help corporate event planners in New York focus more on the event facts and act based on definite purposes, instead of on a gut feeling or isolated statistics.

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