Virtual Reality Cements Future for New York Event Planning Companies

June 20, 2017 Susan Serena

When Apple speaks, New York event planning companies listen. At the most recent WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) in San Jose, CA Apple was talking VR (Virtual Reality). If you were not there, or haven't read about it, you need to listen. The root of the VR announcement is an upgrade to the Apple Mac OS, which Apple has named High Sierra. An extension of the OS X Sierra, High Sierra has significantly increased competence for VR.

Apple Gives VR a Boost

To keep it brief for New York event planning companies, High Sierra will carry over inherent virtual reality support for VR headsets like the very popular HTC Vive. In addition, it will contain support for numerous game engines. What Apple didn’t mention was support for the Oculus Rift headsets by Facebook for this stage of the plan. This update will allow users to plug in additional hardware to intensify graphic capabilities on systems that aren’t technically up to spec. Apple also announced that this will be their most powerful machine yet, the iMac Pro. It will be fully equipped to support VR directly out-of-the-box (although a separate headset is required), the iMac Pro will initially set consumers back the generous sum of $4,999.

Why New York Event Planning Companies Should Care

VR has been creeping into events for a few years but as predicted in 2017 event trends reports, we’re now seeing an explosion of new VR applications both at events and to experience events remotely. However, the announcement from Apple changes everything. Basically, it is Apple’s way of saying, “VR is going mainstream as of now”. Just like it did with digital music (iPod), smartphones (iPhone) and the tablet computer (iPad), Apple has once again stoked the fires of technological advancement and cemented VR as the next big thing. We’re not saying Apple is always right… But the track record is pretty good.

By nudging VR over the tipping point, New York event planning companies will be able to bring VR into many more events. Either by using Apple’s products or perhaps indirectly through the raft of technology companies that will follow in these giant footsteps. This is huge news for New York events because VR experiences both at event functions and/or being used for remote events will become more of the norm rather than a novelty.

Apple Hedges Bets With AR

In addition to showing a clear investment in virtual reality, Apple is also laying out its cards on the table when it comes to augmented reality (AR). Apple’s main goal is to make the iPhone “the largest AR platform in the world”. In order to get there, Apple announced their launch of ARKit, a developer platform that allows virtual objects to be connected to real-world objects, that will be viewable through our smartphones. Apple itself didn’t declare any AR apps of its own, but for now it appears that it is in the hands of developers.

It is rumored, that Apple is also working on an AR headset that will probably be the competition to the Microsoft’s Holo Lens MR (mixed reality) platform. Apple’s lips are still tightly sealed on the subject. Maybe that will be next year’s great announcement from WWDC.

To sum up…

We’re now beyond the hype. VR is happening and it helps New York event planning companies bring new ways to experience innovation to venues and to remote conferences/meetings. Now that Apple has jumped on board, virtual reality will soon be a part of our daily lives. The time for event professionals to think about VR has passed. Now it’s time to adapt it into all events.

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