Creative Sponsorship Ideas for Event Planners in NYC

February 8, 2017 Susan Serena

When you want to stand up against other Event Planners in NYC and give your brand a spotlight, you need a constant stream of sponsorship concepts that are not only creative, but also fun and groundbreaking. In this article, we will share some ideas that you can keep in your back pocket for your next sponsored event.

Signature Cocktails

For an evening event, why not create a signature cocktail that incorporates you or your client’s brand? You can link the business name with the drink name, use the company theme or colors, and then make sure they are served in a glass with the brand’s logo on it. You could have the wait staff branded as well as they serve drinks around the room and a bartender that is specifically preparing the signature cocktail at the bar (ideally someone who is easy on the eyes). Make sure it is enjoyable, unforgettable, and has a catchy name (the wittier, the better).


Having a local radio station or a well-known DJ at your event can also bring in sponsorships. Of course, you’re going to want to choose a DJ with a great following that will also assist with marketing the event on their social media channels. Either the radio station and/or DJ can also broadcast live which will help you reach your demographic in the local area who were unable to attend as well. Just think about all of the event awareness they can help you achieve over the airwaves!

Treats Station

Who doesn’t want to sponsor goodies? You can creatively design an area or a booth that lets attendees pick a small mixture of branded sweets, food, or beverage. There is nothing people love more than free treats, especially when they are at a large event. Keep in mind your guests will be moving around a lot and will need to stay fueled! This will add a more creative variety to the traditional “candy in the goody bag” routine. Your Treats Station sponsor will have the ability to interact with the attendees that stop by, and you will get the credit for adding such a delicious element.


For a seated event, you can design extravagant centerpieces that will stand out! You can go traditional and have the centerpiece made of flowers, something theme-related, or made out of something edible. The main point to keep in mind is to safeguard how it reflects on the brand’s style. You want to make sure it matches the company’s personality but still catch the guest’s attention.

Event Planners in NYC can inspire more revenue by offering companies the opportunity to sponsor individual tables and/or centerpieces. To make it more interesting, host a competition for participants to vote on centerpiece designs and encourage everyone to share their pictures on social media.


The keynote speaker at events is usually the highlight for countless attendees, especially at The Event Planner Expo in New York. It delivers an exclusive opportunity to brand around the stage and capture your attendees’ focus. You could offer large branded screens, a tailored stage set, trendy furniture, and unique branded lighting. In other words, you don’t have to limit the sponsorship opportunities to just a banner at the foot of the stage.


Conclusion: Using creative ideas will help you create a flawless sponsorship proposal for corporate events, expos, and trade shows. Event planners in NYC must remember to step up their game from their previous sponsorship event success. Fresh tactics are always a win win!


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