Tech Devices Being Used by New York Event Planners

February 25, 2017 Susan Serena

The main goal of all New York event planners is to create a wonderful experience for the guests that come to the event. Technology can help enhance this goal by enabling the planners to be efficient in their work and introduce elements that will enable the host to engage better with the audience. Here are tech devices that are commonly used by New York event planners.

A laptop

Nearly all the event planners have ditched the manual ways of planning events. However, given that they have to move from one point to the other, the desktop is also not a viable tool. Instead, they use a laptop, which helps them move from one point to the other with ease. There are several software options to enhance the planning process.

Mobile phones

Event professionals have to coordinate with several vendors on the go to ensure that everything runs as expected. So, they use their mobile phones to communicate. Unlike other forms of communication, an event planner can get instant feedback on the matter at hand. It becomes easier to manage several vendors who are miles apart.

Mobile phones can also be used for reminders on pending to do list items like doing the shopping for the event while you’re running event errands, and even take images of items that you will need later to show the client. Giving them a visual will leave little to no room for errors.

Digital camera use for New York Event Planners

Over the years, most of the events you plan will start to become seamless because the to dos are all things you’ve done in the past. It is always easy to get the exact solution that the client wants by showing them photos of the previous events that you have worked in the same category or theme. Images can be stored on a hard drive or thumb drive, and others printed on canvas. Additionally, as an event planner you should collect and archive photos for every event you’ve designed for promotional purposes. The photos can also be used for reference and to remind you of things that went haywire or items that should be purchased for future events.

Walkie-talkie for New York Event Planners

The old two-way radios also come in handy when planning events especially on the material day where the planner has to make sure everyone is doing great. Unlike the mobile phone, the 2-way radio does not require credit or network signal for communication. It saves the wedding planner the hassle looking for strong network signal and scrolling for names. With a click of a button, the message reaches to all the vendors.

Technology makes the planning stages of your event easier, faster, and more efficient. All New York event planners should consider using technology in their planning process for ease and to keep track of every item on every level. You can always go back to double-check where you are with certain tasks, and reference vendor responses. Sometimes, we can’t remember every detail on our own so using a device that can will come in handy. Ultimately, your event tech tools will become an extension of you.

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