How to Get the Most ROI out of the Event Planner Expo

February 24, 2017 Susan Serena

An expo can seem to cost a lot of cash up front, but what’s never factored in is the return on investment (ROI). If your Corporate Event Planning New York goals of taking part in the event are not met, then the resources that were pumped into the trade show go to waste. Besides keeping track of the costs associated with the expo, there should be ways to estimate the amount that you shall earn from the event.

Fortunately, there are steps that NYC event planners can take to boost their ROI from the annual expo. Here are some of the strategies we recommend:

Attract attendees with add-ons and special pricing

You can create a tiered pricing and amazing specials for those that sign-up for your services at the expo. You may get into strategic relationships with the vendors to offer a discounted service when clients pick up your service in a given period. Many people are attracted by lower prices.

With the special offers, you will attract clients which means more revenue than you had last quarter. We’re already increasing your ROI by suggesting this one tactic. Keep reading…

Invest in event marketing to net in a high number of attendees

Numbers always win the day. The larger the number of attendees are, the higher the chances of getting a good number that is interested in your services will be. Try to use a multi-channel approach to marketing your presence at the expo to draw in a high number of target audiences.

Employ a highly effective team at the booth for the Event Planner Expo

Your sales team determines the response that you will get from your potential clients. Have a team in place that is able to pull in clients to your stand, hold on to their interest, and enlist action from the prospects. The action does not need to be buying. You can have their business cards from which you start the conversation. 

Have a budget for the Event Planner Expo

Your costs for the event can spill out of control if you do not have a budget in place. Very high costs might lower the benefits you get from the expo. Avoid things that are not necessary for the tradeshow. However, do not strip your booth to the bare minimum, as it will not be very attractive to the prospects.

Ditch your normal ways of presentation

Create a buzz about your stand at the expo in social media and your site. Draft attractive event solutions exclusively for the attendees. Moreover, look at the previous events that you have held and point out things that did not work or worked. You can also work with professionals in corporate event planning New York to help come up with strategies that actually sell.


Corporate Event Planning New York has become one of the most demanding professions in New York City. Why? Well because it’s not only about social events anymore, corporate events have turned into the core of what keeps business afloat. So, the need of having an event planner either in-house or on the contact list has increased. It’s up to you as an event professional to stay atop the event trends and build relationships that are not only fruitful but worth the time and money you invest to network with the right people.  


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