Increase Engagement Through Event Tech

March 3, 2017 Susan Serena

By now it’s no secret that mobile event apps have become an excellent tool for event planning agencies NYC to communicate with attendees at events. What may not be so obvious, is that the event apps can be the core element of an event, as well as a good way to build long lasting business relationships with the community.

Event apps not only create an informational link to the community that lists local events for the public, it is also a way for event planning agencies NYC to offer content that makes it easy for participants to learn more about products and services offered by vendors. So you don’t only get to read about an upcoming event, but also what will be sold during and after the event.  

The case study below shows how an event app increased attendee participation and engagement by a whopping 350%.

Event App Increases Engagement

Maison & Objet

MAISON & OBJET (M&O) is a major event that links together professionals that work in the field of interior design and lifestyle.  M&O has continued its innovation in the digital scene by offering a digital platform that allows exhibitors to showcase their collections to interested parties including designers, architects, and buyers and so on.

Why the App?

For M&O adding valuable content is important because it allows the company to gather and link its community to events and products both on and off line.  The app was intended to reinforce the user experience by adding content related to upcoming events and new products on the market.

The objective

M&O created two new international shows in Miami and Singapore and with the app; M&O could display its global presence while crafting important content all year long. The end goal of the app was to attract the interest of the global community and provide a way to engage with attendees before, during and after the completion of the event.

How the objective was achieved

Goomeo supplied M&O’s team with a multi-event app that allowed the brand to manage all the events within the app. For organizers, the app was an easy way to update the information for all the events, giving the M&O’s team the ability to achieve balance in all its actions.


M&O designed the app to have maximum flexibility in order to meet the high standards of the events. The app focuses largely on displaying the products from the exhibitors in a way that makes the products on offer appealing.  The app also includes a detailed section for floor plans that allows attendees to find booths that they would be interested in within the event.

Event Content

The included content was mainly used to highlight the supremacy of the products by posting quality pictures of the merchandise, as well as including pertinent information regarding the products with the intent to boost sales. It worked.



Mobile event apps are not just an additional tool for Event Planning Agencies NYC to communicate with their guests, they are also an integral part of your event. Not to mention that they’re also one of the best solutions to build long-lasting relationships with your community. It’s not about only offering an app, it’s also about offering content that makes it easier to participate and that will create a relation to your community.

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