How Smart Are Smart Badges?

March 2, 2017 Susan Serena

Networking is one of the most fundamental objectives for a Corporate Event Planner New York who is attending an industry event. Although networking can be the core for anyone’s success, the scene can be daunting and terrifying. When done incorrectly, it can tarnish the perception other professionals have of you.

Technology, has in a huge way, worked to change how people network with each other and with available technological tools, successful individuals such as a Corporate Event Planner New York, can utilize these resources to help themselves and attendees at an event to gain more from the networking opportunities.

Event Case Study

The annual Seattle GeekWire Startup Day in 2016 brought together investors, entrepreneurs and many other individuals in the tech industry. To ensure that the attendees enjoyed their experience and networked at the event, Seattle GeekWire attempted to use Limefy’s Technology for the first time.

The Objective

Seattle GeekWire’s primary purpose as the event planners was to increase the engagement of the attendees, as well as improve the level of business networking in the event, which is an essential component in the entrepreneurship game.  For those attendees that were more introverted, Seattle GeekWire wanted to find ways to alleviate the difficulties of networking by helping participants of the event interact and engage with each other rather than act purely as observers to the process.  

Process of Achieving Objectives

The event planners handed each participant LiGo smart badges after registration that allowed attendees to utilize the LiGo mobile app to program the apparatus. After completing their profiles, including whom they were attending as and who they wanted to network with, the attendees were then allowed to walk around the event space. During their walk, the LiGo badges would light up in the same color, alerting two individuals that they should talk and network with each other.  The mobile app was also useful in providing a profile of the person to network with including their career information, as well as information on their LinkedIn page.

The Results

The use of the smart badge technology proved useful in the event.  The technology worked well to connect industry professionals as well as link job seekers at the event with recruiting agents or firms.


The startup employees attending the event enjoyed the opportunity to mix with other professionals in the same fields, which signals the success of the technology.


In total, the event made 9,459 matches, and the technology worked effectively to bridge the networking gap between the attendees.  Participants in the event were able to engage in productive discussions as well as generate new business ideas with their peers. Based on the success of the event, it is evident that smart badges are here to stay. More importantly, it is an event tech tool that will be a favorite for any Corporate Event Planner New York .



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