Becoming a Sponsorship Revenue Rockstar

February 27, 2017 Susan Serena


Event Planning Firms NYC have learned over time that sponsorship at an event can define the success or failure of an event.  Great sponsorships affect the turnout of any event, and they often make the difference between actualizing your vision as an event planner, rather than having to scale back due to budget and compromise the quality of an event.  

Mobile Event Apps Can Benefit Sponsorship           

Event mobile apps today have increased the opportunity to generate a lot more revenue at an event. Appealing to your attendees through use of a mobile app can add invaluable exposure to your prized sponsors. This is why, reliable Event Planning Firms NYC have found a way to use the apps to not only engage with the event participants but also to add valuable exposure to various key event sponsors and speakers.

Recently, Kiki L’ltalien, an online communications strategist presented a webinar that shared her top tips for success. The webinar was also created to allow event planners to learn more information on how they can increase their event sponsorship revenue. The webinar also gave tips on how to keep event sponsors happy.

The webinar is ideal for event planners that would like to maximize on their event sponsors but do not know how to start the process. The webinar is extremely informative, and it will provide people with an insight as to how other event planners build their sponsorship revenues with each event.

Among other issues discussed in the webinar include:

  • Information about the newest event app technologies to look out for.
  • Relevant event app technologies that are bound to change the face of event planning in the future
  • 4 top ways to bring value to your event sponsors
  • 5 best practices that will allow an event planner to integrate sponsors at an event.

The webinar was the third of its kind and was created with partnerships from Lanyon. The webinars are readily available online and can be watched on demand by those who missed the scheduled times.  Other webinars of this nature held include:

Learning How Event Planning Firms NYC Can Maximize Sponsorship

To register for the resourceful webinar, one  simply needs to click on the link to register and gain more information about the webinar.  For individuals that find themselves constrained by time and are unable to watch the webinar as it is presented in real time, they can sign up to ensure that they can access the recording of the webinar at their earliest convenience.

Event Planning Firms NYC are always looking for new and creative ways to entice potential sponsors to partner with for events. The more revenue collected from sponsors, the better your chances of getting to plan a grand event. Learning new ways to bring increase your event’s bottom line will not only satisfy your client, but also give the event planner an easier budget to work with.

For this and more tips on building your event planning power, be sure to register for The Event Planner Expo 2017.

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