Best Tools to Ensure Success at Your Booth

March 7, 2017 Susan Serena

Running a booth in an event, be it an expo, trade show or conference, isn’t always a walk in the park; challenges are aplenty, especially dealing with attendees. When it comes to corporate event planning in New York, for one, the biggest problem is actually driving traffic to your booth. Having a decent number of attendees attracted to your booth in itself the inherent reason you came to the show in the first place. However, you want to attract participants as well as ensure that they are happy with your booth experience.

Which begs the question: how can exhibitors effectively drive traffic to their booths? Here are some tried-and-true pointers to help you get started.

Bring Plenty of Giveaways with You

Freebies have always been the staple of trade shows, expos, and other corporate events – and they haven’t lost their luster. Whether it’s a branded t-shirt, a drink or bite, freebies have an allure that often attracts the attention of attendees, particularly if there’s something valuable in it for them. Although these giveaways will undoubtedly drive foot traffic to your booth, it’s best to tie it to something actionable, such as contests, signing up for newsletters, and call-to-actions.

Design Your Booth with Sizzling Décor

It’s worth noting that your competition will likely have a booth on the floor. That means you have to decorate your booth to stand out from the rest. Make it unique; perhaps add some digital essence – LED glowing displays, VR systems, and much more. If you cannot do it yourself, it’s best to enlist the service of a corporate event planning agency in New York; they’ll bring their expertise to the table, freeing up some time for you to concentrate on what matters: making leads.

Take Advantage of Social Media during the Event

Social media has truly come a long way. With nifty features like live video streaming, live tweets, and much more, you can easily attract and engage your target audience during the show. Of course, attendees use their smart gadgets to keep a tab on what’s hot and trendy on the floor via social media. It’s high time you get a piece of the action too!

Make Use of an Event App

When it comes to corporate event planning in New York, it pays to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Most attendees would likely be using their smart devices while checking out booths. Most of these apps allow you to have a seamless communication with registered attendees. That right there is your chance to make your booth and products visible.


Attracting attendees to you booth and engaging them has always been a paramount task when it comes to corporate event planning in New York. Use the tips above to make the whole process effortlessly easy.

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