Behind the Scenes Event Tech for Exhibitors

March 7, 2017 Susan Serena

Let’s face it, technology is ubiquitous in event planning these days, and every event planner NY has to tap into this nifty resource to make the expo, trade show and so on a big hit. Even prior to the event, an event planner NY may want to employ a specialized tech to build awareness to attract vibrant exhibitors, and, of course, free up some time for the staff to build relationships.

When it comes to exhibitors, however, it’s always during the event that behind-the-scenes tech plays an indispensable role. Not only is technology important for exhibitors to take their game to a whole new level, but also an excellent way to create a great exhibition for the attendees.

Know the Level of Attendees Engagement and Satisfaction

An event planner NY and exhibitors often would quantify the success of a show primarily on the degree of engagement from the attendees. For many years, nonetheless, this was measured in the form of headcount – that is, the more attendees, the better the event. Well, it’s a no-brainer that this way of quantifying the success of a show wouldn’t be captured if the attendees actually got something valuable from the show.

The use of event tech in the event, however, has made this process a little more succinct and precise. With digital platforms, exhibitors can easily learn and understand more about the attendees from the tools – apps, social media, interactive media, etc. – they use on a daily basis. Even better, this information can be analyzed and converted into metrics that can help exhibitors make their future exhibition much more appealing and compelling. 

Look at Social Media from a Different Perspective

Sure, you can engage potential attendees on social media, but you can take it a mile further – into the showroom. That’s right, social media is a sizzling platform to help you attract and keep your target audience active when visiting your booth. You can work in collaboration with an event planner NY to make sure that attendees are fully engaged, perhaps using regular posts, tweets, and so forth. And that isn’t have to respond to comments, likes, and post minute-by-minute photos to provide a virtual live experience. Lucky for you, most event planners in NY offer live streaming to social media accounts.

Know your Target Audience

An event planner NY usually has an app or interactive website that helps identify who is attending the show. Take advantage of these digital platforms to be aware of who is in the audience and what their needs and likes are.


Wrapping Up

Behind-the-scene tech isn’t just for the event planner NY, it's also for exhibitors who can use it throughout the expo's life cycle to attract and keep a tab on their attendees.

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