Software That Will Drive Traffic to Your Booth

March 9, 2017 Susan Serena


It’s no big secret that forward-thinking event planning firms NYC make use of nifty and efficient exhibition software to take their shows to a whole new and compelling level. That’s why we’ve seen an upsurge in the number of tech companies developing exhibition apps and integrated software to help event planners make the whole process effortlessly smooth. The problem is that not all of this exhibition software or apps are created equal; some are plagued with bugs, others are hard to use, and not to mention very expensive in the long run.

One tech firm, however, is dead right on the spot when it comes to exhibition software for event planning firms NYC: Ungerboeck. The ingenious developers at this company have come up with exhibition software that’s not only efficient but also easy to use and intuitive.  That’s right! Ungerboeck’s integrated, powerhouse software platform for the exhibition was developed with event planning firms NYC in mind. It’s for those event planners who want to enhance their sales team’s performance, empower exhibitors, interact effectively with their audiences, and drive overall growth.

The allure of this software lies in the fact that it brings together myriad standalone exhibition systems such as floor plan management, CRM (customer relation management), and bookkeeping into a clean and seamless solution. The unified package allows event planning firms NYC to customize their software to their unique event needs. It doesn’t matter how you look at it, this is the most robust, full-cycle event management platform.

Ungerboeck’s unified exhibition software is already gaining significant traction across the board from event planning firms in NYC, International Conference Center Geneva to German Convention Bureau and everyone in between. Why? Well in a nutshell, the software will help:

  • Manage relationships with a contact management system designed for the exhibition industry
  • Manage exhibitors, booth sales, and floor plans in a single web-based platform
  • Make online registration easy for attendees
  • Design and build meaningful reports 
  • Leverage a complete financial package
  • Extend the possibilities through engaging digital solutions and third-party system integration

Top-Notch Features of the Exhibition Software

Fantastic Contact Management System (CMS)

CMS is undoubtedly one of the most important tools in the work life of event planning firms in NYC. This nifty piece of software allows event planners to manage relationships without much hassle. Ungerboeck’s software handles CMS like never before. Besides, it was designed with exhibition industry in the mind.

Unified Platform

The software is designed to help event planners manager booth sales, exhibitors and floor plans, all in one web-based platform. Impressive, right?

Attendees Registration Is a Breeze

With Ungerboeck’s exhibition platform, participants can register without much fuss.

Robust and Actionable Reports

The software can also collect extensive data based on attendees’ behavior, booth sales, attendance, variety and so much more. This way, event planning firms NYC can design and generate meaningful reports to improve their future shows.


Take Home

At the end of the day, you need a software that’ll make the whole event a big hit and pan out smoothly. And that’s what Ungerboeck’s exhibition software is all about.

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