Event Tech That Can Save Your Event

April 7, 2017 Susan Serena


It’s 2017, and event technology has already taken event planning agencies in NYC by storm. That in itself isn’t news but event tech can offer snappy solutions to a myriad of event challenges. Besides, it makes every aspect of event management a breeze - from planning, ticketing, social media marketing to floor management and anything in-between.

The problem, however, is that some event planning agencies in NYC think that event technology is a waste of money. Perhaps the lack of proper knowledge on how event tech can be indispensable is to blame.

In light of that, we have rounded up real-time ways event tech can save the day. Read on and you will be surprised at how event planning agencies in NYC have used event tech to streamline their event management, allowing the clients and attendees to get the most out of their trade shows, conferences, expos, and other exhibitions.

Keeping a Tab on an Attendee/Guest List

It’s somewhat laughable, if not downright disparaging, to see some event planning agencies in NYC hand out printed copies of a guest or attendee list. You can easily sense the frustration of event organizers or exhibitors when they cannot manage the list in the real-time. A good example would be a corporate event that has to seat a certain number of attendees. With an event management software, maintaining a guest list is effortlessly smooth. In this way, you can entertain the guest or attendees without much hassle.

No-Hassle Ticketing

Let’s be honest, selling tickets for an event isn’t always easy. Event planning agencies in NYC not only have to reach out to as many potential attendees as possible but also shed a good light on the organization’s products and services. That is why it’s not surprising to find some organizers who realize a few days before the big day that they haven’t sold enough tickets.

With event tech, however, these planning agencies in NYC can take their ticketing efforts to a whole new and exciting level. A CRM system, for instance, can be indispensable for recording RSVPs and attendee confirmations.

Know When the VIP Arrive

Event planning agencies in NYC know that a bored VIP attendee is an opportunity thrown out of the window. Don’t get me wrong; all attendees or guests are important to your event's bottom line, but event tech brings in more value-added solutions. The truth is, if you find a way to make your attendees feel unique and special you’re more likely to create more traction as well as repeat attendees. In short, knowing when the big-time attendees arrive is a great way to engage with them and impact your ROI in a big way.

Wrapping up, event tech is the future of the events industry. If you don’t join the bandwagon early enough, you risk losing your loyal attendees, not to mention a failed event.

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