What is the 5-hour Eventprof Rule?

April 6, 2017 Susan Serena

What is the 5-hour Eventprof Rule?

An eventprof is no ordinary corporate event planner in NYC - this is an individual who’s a trailblazer, one who sets the pace for the pack. Of course, eventprofs are constantly searching for ways to be more robust time-managers, lighten the ever-increasing workload, and spruce up productivity and organization.

That said, one tact has gained increased traction with eventprofs who are looking to go the extra mile to become better and (actually) progress: the 5-hour rule.

So what’s all the fuss about the 5-hour eventprof rule?

Perhaps you have heard of Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000-hour rule which he debuts in his book Outliers. In essence, the rule states that one needs 10,000 hours to become an expert in any particular field. Of course, such a lengthy period is enough for anyone to hone any area, but 10,000 hours is an arduous task for any individual, not to mention someone with an eventprof’s hectic schedule and workload.

Another problem with Gladwell’s rule is that starting skill sets differ from one person to another. That’s why there was a need for a better and more robust rule for eventprofs: the 5-hour rule.

The 5-hour rule is more than a mindless practice; it essentially works on “deliberate practice.” Simply put, the rule implies that you invest an hour each day, five days per week focusing on “deliberate practice or learning” to achieve your set goals.

Where Did the 5-hour Rule Originate?

Although the rule has been polished over the years, it dates back to Benjamin Franklin, perhaps why it’s sometimes called Franklin’s 5-hour Rule. He was known to spend at least an hour per day each weekday working on his crafts. With the likes of successful individuals like Oprah Winfrey and Warren Buffett joining the ranks of Bill Gates in using the 5-hour rule, no corporate event planner in NYC should be left behind.

How to Make it Successful

Much like any strategy, the 5-hour eventprof rule calls for certain things.

Structure: You need to give your rule some structure so you can stay the course without distractions. The best way is to write down your goals or to-do list.

Make Priorities: To progress as an eventprof or forward-thinking corporate event planner in NYC, you will have to make tons of changes in areas which calls for learning new skills or practice. However, you need to prioritize these changes.

Look for Progression: There’s simply no reason to practice the 5-hour rule if you’re not going to progress. So seek to build on your skills to become a better corporate event planner NYC.

The 5-hour eventprof rule is poised to work if you dwell on a particular area of deliberate practice or learning, including reading, research, reflection, experimentation, setting and tracking goals, and putting it all into actual practice.


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