Event Tech Trends to Look Out For in 2018

January 25, 2018 Susan Serena

2018 will be a big year for event planning as many of the long talked about event planning trends will soon be within our reach. Smartphones have more capabilities and connections to our lives, event tech is becoming more reasonably priced and targeted to individual needs, and tech that used virtual and augmented reality was on many people’s gift-giving lists this year.

Another factor shaping event tech is the coming together of companies to offer one-stop-shop experiences. Integrated services are the hot sellers this year.

Marketers and sponsors are also becoming savvier and data-oriented. Fluff has no place in event tech these days. Products must deliver measurable value.

Event planning trends that benefit the planner and the audience:

Event Tech

Again, home tech is influencing event tech. Just as in the case of voice search, we’re likely to see facial recognition from devices like Apple spill over into the event industry. The ramifications of this are extraordinary but the processing time is still being fine-tuned. Still, it’s something we all should be watching. Ultimately, we’ll learn how to... Increase efficiency with facial recognition:

  • Check-in and registration become much quicker with this tech. Some theme parks are already using this technology. It’s also more secure.
  • Ensure greater safety by using facial recognition to spot people on known security lists.
  • Improve your social media reach by using facial recognition in tagging people in photos from your event.

Data from the Ground Up

Clever flooring is creating some exciting opportunities for events. It’s making data collection and analysis easier than ever and something that happens (nearly) organically. Slay data collection by:

  • Using smart mats and other unobtrusive technologies to collect data from critical areas.
  • Employing smart mats to increase sponsorships with known traffic numbers and accurate, real-time data. No more talk about generic “great exposure” with potential sponsors. You can show them real numbers.
  • Collecting floor traffic data and correlating it on the spot so that you can sell sponsorships for next year before sponsors leave your event. You can use fear of missing out and scarcity to sell out sponsorships in key locations while your current event is still going on.

Influence Marketing Tech

There are a lot of marketers doing influencer marketing wrong. They understand the importance of it and how suggestions from a tribe have greater conversions but they fail to understand the importance of the approach. Propositioning a complete stranger and asking for a favor will undoubtedly yield horrendous results. But how do you develop those relationships over time? How do you scale for it and make it worth your while? Is there an efficient way to approach it. There is with tech. Build valuable relationships with influencers:

  • Look past numbers. The number of followers means very little if the said influencer can’t motivate their tribe into action. Look for a high interaction ratio, not just audience numbers.
  • Approach the midrange of influencers. Most marketers look at the same A-listers as someone to target for their marketing efforts. While these names are well-known, they are often more difficult to approach and win over. Midrange influencers still have adequate-sized followings and you won’t have to hurdle their gatekeepers to get their attention.
  • Look at influencers who are already among your supporters. Those are much easier sells.


In Conclusion

So, there you have it – 3 trends event planners should definitely take note of for 2018, covering event technology and event marketing. We hope that you are inspired to put these cutting-edge suggestions into practice.



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