6 Ideas to Reward Your Speakers

January 25, 2018 Susan Serena

Give your speakers a little something extra with some of these thoughtful gift ideas to show your appreciation.

Don’t just give your speakers another paperweight, consider offering them something more meaningful that doesn’t have to cost a lot. Excellent speakers can be a big motivator to attracting attendees and those that work hard on delivering inspiring content are very deserving of a little token afterward. We have thought of everything from small budgets to those who have more to spend. Make your event and brand memorable, thoughtful and rewarding to your speaker by giving them one of these gifts.


Coffee cards and vouchers mean the speaker can redeem them when it suits them, whether this is the late-night gas station stop off on the drive home or the early morning wake up for their next event, they know they will have coffee on tap.

Laser Pointers For speakers who work with larger screens or digital aids, a pointer can be an essential tool. Spruce this up by getting it engraved with the speaker's name or choosing something quirky and different so it sets the pointer apart from others they might have. Simple, practical and cost-effective.

Pay it Forward: Social Media If budget or gifting rules means that you can’t offer a tangible gift then run a feature on the speaker on your website, social media or your event blog to showcase what they can do and how it went. You could also post a video of the speech or keynote to gain traction and help with their marketing. They will appreciate you passing it forward.

Referrals Many speakers get new jobs and clients by word of mouth and referrals and this can be more valuable to them than any gift because it brings a lot of potential for the future. If they were a great speaker then tell others about them and refer them for their next event.

Free Event Tickets Save them event tickets or put them on the guest list for your next event that they would be interested in and give them a plus one or VIP pass so they get special treatment. This way they get to experience the event without having to work it next time around, to get the full attendee experience.

Charity Events This idea is particularly useful for fundraising events and can get the speakers involved in the efforts and the cause without costing them anything (useful if they aren’t being paid either.) Making a donation on their behalf can usually earn some sort of recognition as well so make it a generous one and it’s a win-win for all involved.

In Conclusion

When thinking about gifts for your speaker, there are options available for every price range. Remember, however, to consider transport arrangements for your speaker so that they aren’t caught short and have to dispose of or pay to transport your gift home (not the memory you want to be leaving them with.) Also, this doesn’t necessarily have to stop you from giving them what you want, it might just mean that you may have to have it mailed to them rather than give it to them on the day. Regardless, just make sure your gift has a ton of personality and suits your event and brand.


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