How New York Event Planners Can Increase Their Online Presence

March 23, 2018 Susan Serena

While there’s very little New York Event Planners can do about the upheaval led by all of the search engine and social media algorithm changes, there are a few tweaks you can apply to your online strategy that can impact your audience’s decisions.

Continuous enhancements to your event website has become the standard survival tactic for New York Event Planners to increase their online presence. But creating an eye-catching webpage and publishing engaging content is simply the tip of the iceberg; ultimately, the Web becomes saturated with stale strategies.

New York Event Planners that want to set themselves apart from their competition must look for alternate solutions that provide viewers with a reason to visit their website and purchase event tickets. That will require way more than SEO (standard search engine optimization) thinking. 


New York Event Planners Need Marketing Managers

Statistics have proven that 96% of startup businesses fail within the first 10 years. The reason for so many collapses is not always because the business has a meager product or fails to deliver outstanding customer service, it’s because they do not position their product efficiently in the present climate.

To lessen the risk of such demise, New York Event Planners need to implement an online marketing process, that is managed by a professional digital marketer that will be responsible for recognizing possible marketing hurdles and then finding solutions in line with your events business goals.

Marketing management reduces the risk of New York Event Planners failing and increases the competence of event development. This role not only entails careful study of the existing climate (attendee-behavior, technology, emotional connection, etc.) but it’s also a projection of upcoming markets.

Without having insight to potential problems, New York Event Planners will struggle to adapt to change, and let’s face it…changes are inevitable. A flexible system need to be put in place, and events need to evolve alongside consumer demands.

Successful event marketing managers look at the bigger world view and determine how events can improve the life of their clients.

Implement Closer Collaboration with Event Pros

How many New York Event Planners actually integrate their services into a tight-knit team that works seamlessly? Not many. Most event pros are so worried about landing all potential clients that they don’t focus on how many more they would land if they collaborated with other event pros.

Close collaboration between event professionals, vendors, event marketing teams, and venues ensures you are delivering a consistent brand message to all the right people.

Aiming towards current marketing trends will present the biggest opportunities for New York Event Planner. However, there has to be an evolution in the online marketing process and the development of new and improved event designs in order to satisfy the public’s needs.

Continued dialogue between event professionals can help with recognizing new trends in each category, such as new event designs, SEO upgrades, social media behavior, and algorithm updates. From this dialogue you can then implement a cross promotion plan to market one another on your networking platforms so that you can build a larger audience with each other’s followers.


Develop a Richer Presence Online

Is your website up to par with the latest website designs? Are your social media pages complying with the latest trends? Keep in mind that online customers are not only demanding but also have very little patience. No one is going to wait around for you to get with the program. So make sure that you have:

  • A top-of-the-line (and modern/flash) website whose pages don’t take forever to load.
  • Your event data is readily available and easy to find with a matter of a few clicks.
    • Links (icons) to your social media pages are one of the first things a potential customer notices on your pages.

User experience has become the main priority for search engines, which means it should also be at the top of your list of priorities. Research has confirmed that nearly 50 percent of visitors leave sites when they cannot find what they are looking for.


 Showcase Your Most Successful Events

Online consumers have become extremely lazy and super indecisive. So much so that they simply can’t be bothered to choose what they want when there are too many things being offered.

newer study revealed that making decisions is mentally exhausting, and modern online consumers (especially millennials) are not likely to reach a decision quickly because they’re never sure of what they want. So, it is up to you to offer a curated selection of your best event offers. You should showcase your most successful events on your website and social media pages at eye level with wording that will instantly engage and entice your potential ticket buyer.


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