New Registration Ideas to Welcome Attendees for Corporate Event Planners in NY

March 26, 2018 Susan Serena

Corporate Event Planners in NY know that event registration is a logistical necessity in most cases. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be used to your advantage. Even the simplest registration set up can be designed to be a warm welcome for attendees, and it’s an excellent place to offer sponsorship opportunities.

When Corporate Event Planners in NY are planning out the registration area, there are 3 crucial points to focus on:

  • When working with a limited budget, have the staff bring their A game. Just because the table is simple, it doesn’t have to be boring. Especially, if you have just the right greeter to bring life to the registration area. Remember that, an experienced and suitable number of staff members can help things run smoother.
  • Have scattered entertainers that will interact with the crowd, share engaging content on the big screens or social media, or have a game running in the background around the sign-up area.
  • Keep signage clear and simple. Everyone hates a queue jumper especially when it happens to them, you’ll remember that for the rest of the day which will outshine the event. Make sure signage is clear and simple to follow so that you can avoid this happening to your attendees.

Here are some pretty fresh ideas to use for your event registration areas.

Consistent Branding

Corporate Event Planners in NY should keep branding consistent if you are running multiple events is important, particularly for smaller registration areas. This is an outstanding example of how you can mix things up by making registration desks identifiable so that attendees know immediately where to go to sign in.  

Informal Registration

Although this is theoretically a welcome area, this is a diverse corporate event idea that shows you can produce informal registration areas for attendees to walk through and mingle with when they get to the event. This example from the Meta Mixer last year sees a corporate registration area turned into a playful oasis complete with pillow fighting models in pajamas!

Tablet Tables

If you want to upgrade and integrate an online system your current registration area, this can be a nice concession. It’s still a registration desk to be manned, but staff take on a more passive role, allowing attendees to sign themselves in. One of the benefits of this option is that registration staff can focus on engaging, answering questions and dealing with the queues rather than the writing and paperwork associated with registration so this is an excellent option if you are short on greeter numbers to take the load off.

Light-Up Desks

These desks are a pretty cool option if your registration is taking place in low-lighting or as part of a transition from day to night. The lighting allows the desk to stand out and can be adapted to suit the mood or color palette too, plus, these desks are on wheels making them mobile and adaptable to your space, especially at a multi-functional venue.

Event Apps

What would this list be without mentioning the potential of event apps. Corporate Event Planners in NY find that they can make registration seamless and if they have a self-check-in option via the event app they can avoid the need for logistics such as desks or queues that are particularly beneficial for larger events if you are expecting a lot of attendees. If you still prefer a traditional registration area, use gamification features like a quiz while they wait.

In Conclusion

Corporate Event Planners in NY would say that registration areas are all about making an excellent first impression as well as clever ways to interact with your guests to create a great experience. Although you may be limited by space and realism in many cases, take hold of the opportunities that registration areas can bring to make the right first impression and to apply branding, sponsorship and entertainment to your advantage.


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