How to Make Your Attendees Loyal

March 31, 2017 Susan Serena

It’s no big secret that repeat attendees are the lifeline of most events. The trick to gaining traction with attendees, of course, is to offer your guests a fabulous experience as well as leaving them wanting more. Simply put, happy attendees are most likely to book a slot in your next event as a corporate event planner NYC.

Herein, I will walk you through best ways to build your repeat attendee base.

Offer Amazing Customer Service

Any high-quality experience begins with compelling customer service. It is the duty of a corporate event planner NYC to make the attendees feel valued and exhilarated to be at your event. From start to finish, the attendees should feel appreciated.

Another way to showcase great customer service is to stay on top of things; be well prepared and organized. It’s a fantastic way for a corporate event planner NYC to spruce up an attendee’s experience. Of course, attendees won’t be pumped to return if they felt the event was disorganized or a failure.

Keep Things Fresh and Interesting

Let’s be honest, no attendee would feel the urge to come back if things remain exactly the same every time. From theme and decor to entertainment and everything in between, the attendees will long for the event to be spruced up each time. Researching new expo and trade show trends will be useful in increasing interest and engagement. Wouldn’t it be nice if they knew you are looking for sizzling and groundbreaking elements to have ready for them?

Another trick to know how to keep things everchanging and innovative, is to conduct exit surveys to know what attendees would like changed. Take advantage of social media engagement, blogging, and interactive websites to gather attendee feedback.

Reward Repeat Attendees

Much like airlines, a corporate event planner NYC should have a loyalty program in place. Your system should be able to not only offer incentives for attendees but also reward repeat attendance. These incentives should come in the form of discount coupons, repeat attendance off-price rates, low early-bird signup fees for previous participants, and so forth.

Engage your Attendees

Attendee engagement is a unique and efficient way to rev up repeat attendance. Provide them with avenues for engaging with the event atmosphere, each other, exhibitors, and organizers. This way, the attendees can feel connected with the event, encouraging them to return as well as spread the word to others. Pre- and post-event make sure to engage your attendees using social media, blogging, and email marketing.

Give Them a Sense of Belonging/Ownership

Perhaps the most effective way corporate event planner NYC can earn loyal attendees is to make them feel a part and parcel of the event. How so? Ask them for (and listen to) attendee feedback. Also, allow past attendees to offer input on several aspects of the event, including venue, gifts, the host city, presenters, and so on.


The Takeaway

Loyal attendees will be the fuel that lights the fire in your recurring success as an event manager. Work hard to guarantee that your guests are satisfied and happy with their entire experience. When you’re planning an event, you want to generate an atmosphere that your attendees can feel connected to. If you can deliver a sense of ownership, produce a wonderful experience and value their sentiments, you are surely on your way to triumph for years to come.

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