New Technologies Being Used By Event Planners NYC to Enhance Events

August 20, 2016 Susan Serena

With the constant changes in technology, it is very easy not to be up-to-date with the latest trends, advancement and devices. This is mostly seen in the events industry. Most event planners tend to shy away from technology. Although some of them might be familiar with the new technologies, they rarely use them and end up omitted on great opportunities. It is important to point out that the sooner you embrace technology the better your event will be. The following are the new technologies event planners NYC are using to enhance their events:       

Sensor integration and wearable technology


Digital technology is fast changing and is also changing the landscape of events. Sensor integration and wearable technology are making events more exciting and fashionable. Gone are the days when you were to carry a wired microphone from one place to another. Today, you can easily wear an earpiece and a small microphone and communicate effectively at your event.

Internet connectivity


Have you noticed that most hotels offer free Wi-Fi to their clients in the guest rooms and the lobby but do not offer the free Wi-Fi in the conference rooms? This is because most people attending an event or a seminar in the conference area will end up using the internet. Therefore, if you want to engage your audience and ensure that they all attend your event, ensure that you offer free internet connectivity at your event. Most people would want to post a tweet, send a picture or even check their emails while attending the event. If you deny them this, they will go somewhere else to do just that.

Encourage the use of Smartphones to promote texting and tweeting

In most events especially corporate events and seminars, people are usually asked to switch off their phones. Instead of doing this, encourage your attendees to leave their phones on in order to interact freely with the speaker through texts and tweets. Let them tweet and air their points using Smartphones. It is essential to remember that the ultimate objective of having an event is to influence the participation of your audience.

Use of robots and drones

For aerial photography and capturing of breath taking images of events, event planners NYC are embracing the use of drones. Some even use robots to deliver drinks to the attendees who have ordered using their Smartphones. People love attending events that have unique features.

In summary, the events industry is appreciating and taking technology very seriously. It is therefore important for you as event planners NYC to find out the best technology that suits you and appeals to your audience.  You can find out this and every year at The Event Planner Expo.


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