Things A Corporate Event Planner Dreads Hearing

July 29, 2016 Susan Serena

Corporate event planners spend a lot of time organizing their events and making sure that they are flawless and efficient. Not only that but administrators spend a good amount of time listening to their clients, staff, and different customers sometimes making it difficult not to get overwhelmed. In fact, these different exchanges can make the planning process more challenging. For this reason, we've compiled a list of things that a corporate event planner dreads hearing! 

When a VIP guest (speaker, singer, performer) is a No Show!

This is one of the most nerve-wrecking things to hear as an event planner for many reasons. First of all, it puts a lot of pressure on event planners' backs to have a steady, “Plan B” ready to go. Second, it can ruin your event if the focal point of the day was organized around the VIP guest that never shows up. It can give a corporate event planner a bad reputation becomes some will perceive it as false advertisement that was embellished to get more attendees or guests. A VIP guest not showing up at the last minute is one of the most bothersome things to hear as a planner since they are all about managing and organizing every single aspect of each event!

Something isn't ...Working.


This is another problem that a corporate event planner is terrified about. It's very exasperating when technological difficulties erupt, but it's even scarier for the event planner since he or she may not be tech savvy and knows nothing about machinery meaning that they are solely relying on the technician's capabilities. It's also not fun to hear since technology always seems to have some mysterious type of problem, usually the WiFi connection randomly turning off!

"It's starting to rain...."

The weather is also damaging to individual events. No corporate event planner wants to hear that it will rain on the day of their outdoor event. It is a scary thing to hear since as an event planner, or just as a human being, you can't control the weather! Although hearing that the weather won't be nice during your event isn't the most shocking since, as an event planner, you always think about the weather in the back of your mind; it will still profoundly affect your event's venue.

"Someone is being very difficult to work with"

This is another thing corporate event planners dread! A person who is being very hard to work with only slows down the event planning process. Though, that “person” is an obstacle that needs to be overcome. It can be a staff member or a VIP guest. Usually, these instances are just unfortunate since those who are difficult to work with are often times the very best at what they do and can deliver quality content. It's challenging as an event planner because it is then up to you to decide what to do. Do you try to succumb to the person's needs? Try to rationalize with them? Offer them more money? Or do you give up and find someone new? No matter what you decide, always remember that what you choose to do will have a direct effect on your event. 


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