Which Social Media Platforms Will Work Best in 2018 To Promote Events?

January 11, 2018 Susan Serena

Event marketers are always researching strategies, tips, and ideas on how to use social media to promote events. Never knowing which article is accurate or embellishing a bit to promote the wrong platform. As event professionals, we know that when it comes to an event budget, clients don’t want their hard-earned dollars placed on the wrong avenue. So, who do you believe? Is Facebook the best platform to promote events? Is it Instagram? Twitter?

Knowing how to use social media correctly to promote events is not an inborn gift. You can, in fact, learn how to effectively use the biggest social media platforms to your benefit. This article will provide a small gateway to understanding what the best way to promote events on social media is.

One of the most important components of marketing events online are social signals. Particularly when it comes to making decisions like buying tickets or registration. Every update, presentation, post, action, video, or picture that is uploaded onto social media can and will have some sort of influence on your digital marketing efforts. When a potential guest/attendee is assessing whether or they want to buy a ticket to your event, they will unavoidably stagger on what you published online.

This development has an enormous impression on how event sites rank for particular keywords on search engines. As a matter of fact, content can be viewed as a form of currency for social media, and just like it goes with cash, when you invest it wisely, there will be a substantial outcome. The more you focus on generating value through focused (and relevant) content, the better your event pages online will perform on the search engines. Just the same, social media markers that show a lot of impressions, shares, and clicks will help rankings on Google.

Where Should You Spend Your Event Marketing Dollars?

According to our research, the following social media platforms are what event professionals in New York find most effective when it comes to marketing events online:


Now that you know which platforms to use, you may be wondering how much it should cost you to promote each event on these platforms. Of course, that is dependent on the size of the event, the allotted time to promote, and of course the budget allowance. The following numbers are based on average event size and how much successful event professionals have been spending.


So, it appears that on average, event professionals are spending less than $200 to promote events. Not too bad!

How Many Times a Day Should You Post About an Event on Social Media?

Trial & error has also taught us that when event planners have a dedicated team to promote the event, the results are more fruitful. Some companies have an in-house team that is responsible for creating event content and publishing it on various social media platforms. Other companies may choose to outsource the task or use interns to handle it. No matter who you choose to manage the marketing for your event, you should know that the number of times you post per day also matters. According to research, our mobile world show that people engage with social media platforms several times a day. In fact, 52% of the people who have social media apps on their devices, check in to view news feeds and post at least 3 times per day.

Use this data as a reference guide when promoting events online in 2018!

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