A-Z to Do List Before the Event Planner Expo

March 16, 2017 Susan Serena



Making a deliberate decision to exhibit at The Event Planner Expo in New York is a great move for any corporate event planner New York. It’s easy! However, it’s not ideal to waste time and effort, not to mention money, at a trade show. That’s why planning ahead in order to ensure that you reach your goal at the expo is the way to go.

Use this to-do list before you go to The Event Planner Expo New York. It’s poised to make the whole process effortlessly smooth for any corporate event planner New York or event industry vendor.

Event Planner Expo NY To-Do List

  1. Contests or Competitions: Though it tends to be abused by some exhibitors, contests, and raffles haven’t lost their luster. The trick is to design a contest that’s aligned around your services or products. Remember to make it simple, compelling and fast. This way, you can run the contest over social media before or during the exhibition without much of a hassle.
  2. Customer Service: Round up a team of vibrant customer service gurus onsite and online to fill in any gap in the presentation. Equip the team beforehand to offer help on anything and everything an attendee needs during the show.
  3. Offline Tweets: Prepare QR codes and NFC tags to encourage attendees to tweet offline about your booth or products.
  4. Photo Booths: Create a fabulous photo booth for your social media marketing campaign.
  5. Social Media Ads: Social ads have made huge leaps and milestones over the past 5 or so years. It’s time to capitalize on their effectiveness. Sponsor a hashtag alongside the one that The Event Planner Expo in New York came up with.
  6. Shareable Resources: An excellent corporate event planner in New York knows that sharing knowledge is an incredible way to gather contacts at an Expo. Prepare eBooks, white papers, reports, tips, and so forth. They work like a charm in generating B2B leads!
  7. Tweetup: Welcome attendees of the exhibition to a tweetup, offering a little prize for the participants.
  8. Wi-Fi Orgy: Pardon my word choice, but providing wi-fi connectivity to your audience is a terrific way to pull crowds to your booth. The exhibition floor might not have a reliable connectivity, giving you a chance to swoop in to become the hero of the day. That’s why you need to assemble a top-notch wi-fi system ahead of the show. Don’t forget to take it for a test ride before the exhibition.
  9. Wireless Charging Dock and Plugs: Thanks to Orange Telecom, this tactic is now all the rage in expos. The whole thing is simple, but plugs and wireless charging docks make a bold statement: that "we get you!" Work with the The Event Planner Expo NY team to iron out all the issues to do with power source, safety, and comfort.


The list is inexhaustible! However, the bottom line is to plan beforehand to stay ahead of the curve. You can also prepare FAQs, product samples, visual recording, check-in, etc. to make sure all of your planning bases are loaded.

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