Things to Consider Before You Partner Up With an EventProf

March 22, 2017 Susan Serena


Partnering up with another Corporate Event Planner New York is a smart move. Although, rushing into an event partnership, is a big no-no. In fact, rushing into any business partnership is a telltale sign of a company that’s poised to fail.

Don’t get me wrong, event partnerships come with a myriad of benefits to both parties. They offer uniqueness, additional advertising and valuable resources to your event. As a wise Corporate Event Planner New York, however, you need to consider the following things before partnering up.

Is it a Partnership or Sponsorship?

It’s a conundrum for any Corporate Event Planner New York to decide whether it's a good idea to become an event sponsor or an event partner. Which is the better route to take? While the two terminologies are often used interchangeably, there’s one fundamental difference between the two; event partners bring creativity to the mix as opposed to event sponsors who just offer financial backing to garner a spot for their brands and products in the event. The allure of event partners lies behind the fact that they are involved in the entire process. More often than not, they take half the credit and responsibility.

Get to Know Your Partner

Event partnership isn’t something to be taken lightly. After all, you will both be in charge of creating the event. So, it pays actually to dig a little into your partner. Zero in on their habits or practices that are poised to master productivity. Besides, you need a partner who’ll be willing to compromise! Otherwise, making decisions as partners will become complicated, if not downright impossible. Pick a Corporate Event Planner New York that you will click with for the sake of your sanity.

Mesh Your Messages and Values

Once you have identified your partner, it’s important to align both your messages and objectives. This way, you can come up with actionable ads and social media engagements. You don’t want to paint an incoherent campaign.

Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away

Not every partnership pans out. When that happens, you must be ready to quit. You don’t need to tolerate a partner that doesn’t add value to your event.

The Devil is in the Details

Be prepared to whip up a lengthy contract that includes all of your terms and conditions for the partnership. You want to cover every nook and cranny,  from roles and contributions to management of expense accounts and everything in between. Don’t leave anything to chance!

Know their Stats

Event partnerships are supposed to be beneficial to both parties. Take a closer look at their demographics, social media stats, reach, sales, and so forth. Be absolutely certain that they align with yours.

Partnering with Social Contacts is a Big No-No!

That’s right, partnering with your Corporate Event Planner New York friend or family member is bound to cause friction in the case that things don’t work out.


Wrap-Up: Event partnerships can be indispensable for your business, but should not be taken lightly. Use the above tips to build lasting and effective event partnerships. Or, utilize the advice as a guide that should help you reflect and determine whether or not you should enter into a partnership, or if it is time to turn away.


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