Event Planning Guide for the Best Event Apps on the Market

August 11, 2016 Susan Serena

Event Apps are most definitely booming and growing in popularity. With the global explosion of smartphones and mobile devices in this generation, an event planner needs to "get with the program" and find a way to incorporate mobile apps into his or her business.

It's first important to see how these applications bring many benefits to events and event planners as a whole.  Applications help with "navigating" events.  Conference-goers can use mobile apps that provide them with a navigation platform to participate in an event where they need to respond to polls, complete evaluations, etc.  Event apps also help with virtual networking whether it's during breaks or at a conference bar.  The biggest benefit of these event apps, however, is the engagement they bring.  They manage to connect the content and presentations at events with the guest and attendees by allowing the crowd to participate in polls, Q&A's, games, and many different collaborative activities.

When it comes to having or creating a mobile event application, it's important to be knowledgeable about:

Key Factors for a Useful Mobile Event App:

First off, you need to know your audience

  • Who is viewing your content? 
  • What type of people attend your conferences? 
  • What age group do they belong to?
  • Can a mobile event application help them in any way?
  • Will they even know how to use it?

These are just a pinch of questions that you should be asking yourself when it comes to event apps.

After you've assessed these matters, you can then personalize your event app to make it cater to your customers whether they are guests, attendees, or sponsors.  Note that each group will have different requirements for your app so it's important to show them the benefits of your application.

If your audience is young, go for a colorful and bubbly, visually appealing app and show them why it would be useful to them (perhaps include gaming or other fun characteristics).  If your audience is much older, go for a more mature look and probably make it easier to use and simple to manage. Catering to a particular group of people when it comes to event apps is the best way to ensure it will be not only successful but useful to the public. 

You should also take a look at your objectives as an event planner.  Is your mobile app simply to gain popularity in the online world?  Is it to create an innovative way for your audience to engage with your content?  Or is it simply to make a profit?  All these various goals will require different things from you.  If your app is solely created for promotional purposes, you might not need to dedicate so much time to it.  However, if for instance, your event mobile app is supposed to be a virtual platform that interconnects all aspects of your event(s) and lets people engage and interact with content then you will surely need to spend a lot of time on developing your project and making sure it works perfectly.

Lastly, it's always important to "know the numbers" and to be financially realistic when it comes to investing this type of project.  Be aware of your budget and how much money you or your event planning company is spending.  Also, think of other things you and your staff members will be investing such as extra work hours and more energy as well. 


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