The Event Planning Guide for Futuristic Venues

August 10, 2016 Susan Serena

Futuristic Venues are becoming more and more popular as we speak. Audiences are a bit tired and bored of looking at the same old content in a dull, sometimes overly decorated (or not) conference room rented out in some random building. People want innovation, excitement, new ideas and new places to go to for events. Furthermore, the location of an event is a determining factor to its success since it can attract more (or less) people.

Read through the following helpful tips if you want to make sure to plan memorable events using futuristic venues!

Futuristic Venue Tips

1. It's important to first note that unusual event venues are on the rise. More and more people prefer events that are held in hotels, museums, theatres or even art galleries. Audiences want to be surprised; they want something new and innovative. For this reason, planning an event in an old conference room won't cut it. The key here is to be unusual, uncommon and unexpected as you separate yourself from your competitors. This logic makes perfect sense since we all know that in any business, being "different" and "unique" will only help since it will bring attention to you. Simply separating yourself from competitors, however, won't necessarily work. It's still important to do it a good way by picking a venue that is modern, aesthetically pleasing, and overall nice because there ARE such things as bad venues.


2. Use the internet to your advantage. If you're an event planner, you a very likely to find the most unique and original venues for your events online. The internet has access to everything that is "futuristic" and modern, so you are bound to find the perfect venue for your event.


3. Relationships play a fundamental role in futuristic venue choosing. Even if you've found the perfect, modern, and innovative event location, your final decision will most likely be based on your relationship with the sales team and previous experience of the venue. Not to mention, you will need to negotiate rates, which is the key factor in determining whether or not you will decide to go with this venue.

4. The importance of technology is also something to talk about. The use of high-tech devices and modern computerized machines bring a new feel to your event. It creates a digital experience that your attendees are not ready to forget so easily. As for the actual venue in itself, it will definitely need to have Wi-Fi connection and be able to accommodate any electronic devices that you bring/use during your event, presentations, speeches or performances.

5. You need to make you sure the venue you choose the right one for your customer. You are (as an event planner) the only person who knows your clients and attendees' needs the most. It's important that you cater to them through the choice of the venue. If you are aware that a specific venue cost too much for things that they offer that your guests don't need, move on to the next one.









6. Lastly, it's important to seek out healthy food options when picking venues. Futuristic venues aren't all about technology; it's also about other aspects such as food. More and people are becoming vegan, or simply prefer to eat healthier snacks. For this reason, it's important that your venue accommodates your client's nutritional needs.  

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